How to Create a New Language Package

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Languages files are located in the resources/lang directory.

Brief description of each language file:

  1. frontend.php: for public website
  2. admin.php: for admin panel
  3. features.php: for plan's features
  4. general.php: for general text lines
  5. mailer.php: for email related text lines
  6. payment.php: for payment related text lines
  7. validation.php: for validated input fields and validation messages

To add a new language:

  1. Copy the "en" or "es" directory and rename it to the desired language (must be 2 characters, ISO 639-1).
  2. Open each language file and translate all text.

To activate the language:

  1. Open the config/translatable.php config file, on line 13 add the new locale.
  2. Open the config/laravellocalization.php config file, look for the new locale and uncomment (remove //).
  3. Open the config/js-localization.php config file, on line 11 add the new locale.

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