Categories not being displayed in listing form

Junker versions affected

v1.2 and older.


A bug in an external library (vue-resource.min.js).


Upgrade Vue Resource to v1.3.3.

Fix Instructions

  1. Download vue-resource.min.js v1.3.3
  2. In your server move the new file to public/assets/themes/junker/js/ and public/assets/themes/adminlte/js. It should override the current vue-resource.min.js file.
The library is hard coded in some view files of the administration panel, to fix this follow these instructions:
  1. Open resources/themes/adminlte/views/listings/partials/form.blade.php, and on line 113, replace
    <script src="//"></script> with <script src="{!! Asset::url('administration::js/vue-resource.min.js') !!}"></script>
  2. The above instruction (i.e.: point 1) applies to resources/themes/adminlte/views/meta_fields/partials/form.blade.php (line 134) and resources/themes/adminlte/views/vehicle_models/partials/form.blade.php (line 115).

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